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About us

Based in Scotland, we are a product design company committed to creating, developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products for venues and operators who care about safety in service.

Our first product, the original Safetray, was invented by former waitress and event manager, Alison Grieve, after witnessing a spectacular accident involving a tray laden with champagne toppling over at an important function.

Since its invention in 2009, the Safetray has been enthusiastically welcomed by the hospitality industry, building relationships with distributors and venues around the world.

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“Having used the Safetray, I can see that it decreases the risk of toppled drinks significantly. Safetray is an excellent example of innovation within the hospitality industry.”Alex Cotterill, Director, Park Hyatt Sydney
“It is important for us to give staff confidence and style in service. Using Safetrays throughout the venue means we can ensure our standard of service is consistent with each and every member of staff.” Lucy Herlihy, General Manager, No Saints Group, UK

“Safetray is an awesome product, I am very impressed.” Patrick Robineau, Food and Beverage Director, Four Seasons Las Vegas

 “A rather clever invention for food service trays.” Mike Sorino, Director, Sofitel Sydney

 “A fantastic tool. Made for hospitality by industry professionals.” Catriona Spence-Ishaq, Food and Beverage Manager, Doubletree by Hilton, Edinburgh

“The Safetray is very effective in all areas, and I consider this invention groundbreaking.” Jean-Charles Vernaud, Owner, Mac Callagans and Grill n Cow, Dijon.

"Since my staff started using Safetray, I have noticed they seem a lot more at ease." Philippe Blanchet, Owner, Sushi Bar Dijon