Safetray featured in Foodservice Equipment Reports

Safetray has been chosen as a showcase product in respected American trade publication Foodservice Equipment Reports.


"Tray Stability

The undersides of Safetrays feature a retractable clip that servers can slip between their fingers for instant stability. The trays provide far greater balance and security than regular trays and make it easier to load up without fear of spilling or tipping food and drinks. The base of the tray is injection molded with a mixture of polypropylene and glass fiber to create the perfect mix of grip and durability. A rubber overmold on the surface is a soft grade of food-safe rubber, which features a 5-yr guarantee against delamination. Safetrays can stand industrial glass washers and come out looking like new. The product has just received NSF certification."

Posted on July 17, 2012 .