Safetray is Event magazine's What's Hot of the Week

Haymarket Publications' Event magazine has chosen Safetray as its "What's Hot" selection for this week - see the full article here.


"What's the point of creating exquisite canapés if they're going to be scattered on the floor when a serving tray tips over?

Safetray is a new product being used by companies like Compass Group and Sodexo to avoid dropped trays by keeping food and drink perfectly balanced when they are served.

The clue is in the name - Safetray is an adapted tray that remains steady thanks to a retractable clip on its underside, which slips between the server’s middle fingers to offer stability using downward and horizontal traction.

Even if your waiting staff are perfectly poised, they could benefit from the handy clip: a survey conducted by Safetray found nearly a quarter of hospitality staff have suffered an injury because of a toppled tray."

Posted on May 11, 2012 .