Safetray named as a Smart Exporter

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Road show opened the door to export opportunities

Also benefiting from assistance from Smart Exporter is Alison Grieve, of Safetray Products Ltd, who design, manufacture and distribute a tray that never topples over, for the safe serving of food and drink in the hospitality industry.

Alison said: “I attended an excellent road show which was both inspiring and reassuring. I was very pleased to be present at the start of what is set to be a very worthwhile programme for ambitious businesses in Scotland. It’s run by a great team with a wealth of experience and expertise between them.

“With orders coming through to us from countries such as Australia, Cyprus and the US, it is vital that we are equipped with the correct knowledge to enable us to trade internationally.

“Being able to network with other exporting companies creates a tremendous buzz of excitement and the knowledge shared is invaluable.

“The programme has taken away the fear I used to have of trading internationally. I know that I now have a team of experts just a phone call away who are able to answer questions varying from product liability insurance and visa requirements to the best method of freight, enabling me to feel optimistic about a bright exporting future.”

Posted on March 31, 2011 .