Safetray profiled on Sugarvine


Busy bars and restaurants will be familiar with the dangers that waiters and waitresses can face when trying to negotiate a crowded space with a fully laden drinks tray. Now Caterstyle can offer a new product that can help with this problem; the Safetray.

Designed with a discreet, retractable clip on its underside the Safetray provides a safer way to carry drinks and food. Safetray can be held in just one hand, with the fingers inserted through the clip, leaving one hand free and providing the user with greater stability and control.

Richard Hogg, Managing Director of Caterstyle, said, “We are bringing Safetray to the market because we believe it will offer a very real benefit to caterers. Accidents cost the industry tens of thousands of pounds in breakages and wastage every year and this product can help to reduce that and save our customers money”

Safetray is designed for convenience and ease of use. With a standard 14 inch diameter it can be easily stacked for storage and can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher. It comes in a stylish black finish with a non-slip, easy wipe, rubber surface for extra security and a polypropylene base, which is strengthened with ridges for added rigidity. It has a thumb indicator on the edge of the top surface to enable quick access to the clip on the underside and the retracting support clips can easily be removed and replaced.

“Since its creation in 2009, the Safetray has been enthusiastically welcomed by the hospitality industry around the world,” Richard added, “and we are delighted that it is now available through Caterstyle.”

To find out more call 01608 682506 or visit the website.

Posted on January 29, 2012 .