Safetray featured by Hospitality magazine

Leading Australian hospitality news portal Hospitality magazine has featured Safetray in advance of Fine Food Australia in Melbourne, where we will be exhibiting on stand A1 from 10-13 September.


No spilt drinks with Safetray

Invented by a former waitress and events manager, the Safetray is a service tray for busy wait staff featuring a discreet retractable clip on the underside.

After witnessing a spectacular accident involving a tray full of champagne glasses, Alison Grieve came up with the idea for Safetray, where servers slip their fingers into the clip, increasing the tray's stability and preventing spills and slips.

Research by Iris Worldwide found that 91.8 percent of servers had been involved in or seen an accident involving a tray at work. Of the respondents, 72.4 percent gelt that managers underestimated the difficulty of mastering a tray and 35.1 percent estimated the cost to the venue of a tray spill that they'd been involved in to be over £30.

Safetray is manufactured in the UK from polypropylene and high grade, wipe-clean rubber and has a five year guarantee against delamination. They can be washed in commercial dishwashers and lie flat when not in use, so the trays can be stacked when not in use.

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Posted on August 30, 2012 .