Greg Shultz writes about Safetray's journey

Greg Shultz wrote an article for TechRepublic about our sister product, the G-Hold, but he also talked about Safetray's journey. You can read the full article here.

"The origin

The story behind the genesis of the G-Hold is just too good to leave out, as it truly exemplifies the notion of the entrepreneurial spirit at work. A person seeing a problem, developing an innovative solution, turning it into a budding business, and then later successfully applying the core of that invention to solving a problem in a completely different industry altogether.

After witnessing a waitress spill the contents of her serving tray, Grieve came up with an idea for a new serving tray with a built-in clip on the bottom of the tray (Figure A). The clip fits snugly between your fingers and provides you with a solid hold on the tray, thus making the act of balancing a tray full of drinks that much easier. She called her new product the Safetray."

Posted on November 10, 2015 .