Safetray's Alison Grieve on why local manufacturing is the best option for us

Alison Grieve with G-Hold in the Daily Record

Alison Grieve wrote a comment piece for the Daily Record on we decided to make our new product, the G-Hold, locally.

"But perhaps more than anything it is the strong relationships that you form when working so closely with a manufacturer. I have laughed, pondered, learned, invented, almost cried and drunk numerous cups of tea with McLaren Plastics.

Walking into the factory and breathing in the scent of hot steel and molten plastic feels like you’re connecting with the very soul of a product.

The establishment of Safetray production took us around 18 months. With the G-Hold, units started shipping just five months after the first bit of aluminium tooling was cut."

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Posted on February 6, 2015 .