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Dutch courage with Safetray

Safetray has received a five star review from Netherlands hospitality site Horeca Trends.


You can see the full review here, which, roughly translated, says:

"Sometimes a server in a restaurant drops a tray accidentally and knocks over all the drinks. With the 'Safetray' this will not happen again soon. There is an 'All-important clip' placed under the 'Safetray' which will easily support your fingers, so the tray will be much more stable. A useful gadget for restaurants!"

We also had the following lovely testimonial from Theater aan de Parade, Hertogenbosch:

"I ordered several online because we work a lot with new catering staff. Positive reactions and we have seen a reduced number of wasted drinks only one month after purchase!"

Customers in the Netherlands can order their Safetrays online here:

Posted on June 5, 2013 .