About Us

Based in Scotland, Safetray is an innovative product design company that has pioneered the science of holding. Since 2010 Safetray has been committed to creating, developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products for venues and operators who care about safety, perfect service and customer care in the hospitality business.

Fast forwarding to 2020, Safetray’s core benefits of safe, single handed, serving and superior quality tray products are a key component in the new normal of table service and socially distant and responsible service.

Originally invented in 2009 by Safetray founder, Alison Grieve (after witnessing a spectacular restaurant accident) An expensive accident, that would be even more problematic today with the need to ensure proper hygiene standards are followed and customer safety is kept at the highest priority.

Since its launch in 2010 Safetray has been enthusiastically welcomed by the hospitality industry globally.